The walls that have existed in the audio industry are being broken down (literally) with the emergence of the multi room speaker system. Previously held back by so many limitations from connecting wires to low range capabilities, the market was ready for an evolution that would change the way people experience music – one without walls or barriers, providing a seamless experience throughout any given space.

That era has arrived and with the latest advancements in sound technology. The future is being heard loud and clear… in every room of the house.

But first, to see the magnitude of music redefined today, one must look back to see from where it has come.

A Bit of Music History

Audio has come a long way since Thomas Edison’s phonograph in 1877, but the progress started slow from record players to cassettes, the boom box and CDs (anyone remember those?). Ah the nostalgia of music decades past.

And though the classics may hold some value for some serious collectors, these devices, which delighted so many listeners in their time, are little more than artifacts in the current generation. Now, in the 20th century, audio engineers have finally cracked the code of wireless technology, opening the doors for more advanced systems to enter the market.


Advances in Audio Technology

In the era of smart technology, the advancements in the mobile market created a whole new world of opportunities for wireless technology to expand. Multi room speakers presented themselves as the next logical subcategory for manufactures’ meeting the rapidly growing interest and needs of mobile consumers in search of all-in-one solutions for audio entertainment.

Mobile phones have in many ways become this generation’s life-remote – used to control many aspects of a user’s experience that go far beyond the communication function of where phones began. With apps that can control temperature, home security, entertainment and now the music industry – the world couldn’t wait any longer for wireless technology.


Wireless control from smart devices allows the users the freedom of control without being tied to a device (save the one they’re always attached to… their smartphone).

From this consumer-driven need, the evolution of multi room sound took off full speed ahead. Leveraging not only the wireless experience, but also the flexibility to adapt to the listeners needs.


The Music Experience Redefined

Localized sound no more. The call for the next step of entertainment does not allow for these types of dated inconveniences. The multi room speaker system offers listeners a seamless sound experience in one room or through the entire house.

Working wirelessly to communicate to each other, these devices can stream music as a single unit generating one tune throughout each room. Don’t like to sit still? No problem. Simply set up speakers in your most visited rooms and directly control your current jam to play in unison from each location curated by the one that knows your preferences best – you.

Have a few different personalities in your home? Advanced systems like the Denon’s multi room speaker system allows easy control with a custom app designed to control music together in unison or separately in each room. The smart technology now integrated into these multi room systems makes selection easy with a fully automated user experience. Just a swipe of the finger and one can enjoy jazz in the kitchen and rock n’ roll in the workroom.


Convenience at the forefront of innovation, audio was ready for the next upgrade. The music industry has certainly evolved at an ever-growing rate, and the multi room speaker system has redefined the possibilities for a personalized experience in this era of smart technology.