Technology is booming. Cars are getting smarter with digital control and fuel conservation, phones are getting smarter with added applications, entertainment is getting smarter with wireless hifi speakers, and people are as smart as the technology they keep. People live in an era of smart technology, and why shouldn’t they take advantage of making their smart home as well. There are many household appliances and devices on the market available to take off the burden of a heavy work load. And what’s not to love about that. Here are a few of the top essential items the savvy are incorporating into their homes to make their lifestyle as smart as the technology available.

Shower Smart with Hydrao

Often the first part of everyone’s morning (after coffee of course) is a hot shower to wake the body and get fresh for the day ahead. While one might think there isn’t too much smartness involved in a shower, think again. The Hydrao 2.0 is the world’s very first eco-sensitive smart shower. And after receiving an innovation award at CES 2016, this is no dismissible matter. The Hydrao is a showerhead with changing colored lights, letting you know how much water is being consumed, saving an average of 25% of your shower water consumption. The technology is not only great for your wallet (paying for itself in just a few months on a water bill), but also a smart choice for the environment.

See Smart with Philips

Technology is affecting the way people see things no doubt. And now it is also doing so in a most literal manner. The Philips Hue introduces a smarter way to see. What appears to be simply an ordinary light bulb is far from ordinary. The Hue bulbs screw into a home’s existing lighting and can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Offering a starter pack that includes the control hub and 3 bulbs, the Philips Hue bulbs can be adjusted with the swipe of a finger to change hues and brightness across the home. Creating atmosphere and setting the mood, the controller is also given a guide to what colors can affect a person’s perspective in different ways – helping to provide peace, concentration, relaxation, and imagination. And with control from anywhere in the world, the lights are smart and provide distinct convenience.


Listen Smart with HEOS by Denon

For sound that fills your whole house rather than remaining stagnant in one room, multi-room functionality is a smart sound must. The HEOS by Denon models are smart engineered wireless hifi speakers that can function individually, or as a group for a more powerful sound. With their sound app, they can be controlled from anywhere in the house from a smart device, giving the listener the ability to adjust one or all of the speakers with the swipe of a finger. What’s even smarter – the ability to control these separately or together gives the whole house satisfaction with the functionality of playing individual playlists from each room. For families with diverse taste in music who also like to occasionally join with the same sound, there is no smarter option.


Cook Smart with Crock-Pot

Crock-Pot may have been around for decades, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting smarter. Their latest model has joined the ranks of innovation with smart control powered by Belkin. Quoted from Time Magazine as one of the “Smart Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home” by Noah Rayman, it’s clearly gone above the ranks of an everyday slow cooker. Controlled with the WeMo app (a truly smart device control), dinner can be scheduled in the Crock-Pot on the go, with programmable start, temperature, predicted readiness, and a timer so the hungry people on the go know exactly when it’s time to get home for dinner.


With so many smart technology advances available on the market today, people are needing to think less, and can rely more on the benefits available to do the thinking for them. These are a few that add a smart element to everyday lifestyle for individuals looking for optimized household solutions to save time and money – whether in the kitchen with a smart controlled Crock-Pot or in the whole house with wireless hifi speakers. Get the gadgets that will make life easier, and start enjoying the extra time and ease of mind.