Projected to rise to over 33 million units by 2019, the soundbar is this generation’s most viral form of entertainment sound – and predicted to grow at a CAGR of almost 25% within the next few years via a recent report by Business Wire.

So why the dramatic growth in the market? Soundbars are quickly becoming listener’s #1 choice for amping up the TV experience by adding an audio boost without claiming the space of half the usable shelf-space of a home entertainment room. A technology introduced just a few years back, a TV sound bar has the unique ability to provide listeners with cinema-like sound that today’s modern screen technology is currently lacking in built-in systems.

Here are some of the advantages that soundbars have in today’s market.

Advancements in Technology

Soundbars are fairly new themselves, and with the rising consumer demand in the market, technology advancements are being pushed at an incredible rate to stay competitive and offer listeners with the best experience that music and entertainment have to offer.


Sound Quality

With virtual reality, 3D TV’s and 4K displays, it’s fair to day that the optic displays are transforming today’s entertainment in an incredible way – and keeping the audio experience at the same level remains a constant battle, and keeps technologists on their toes for releasing something that’s truly impactful.


Soundbars have become a go-to for amplifying TV sound, which is currently severely behind in built-in TV speaker options. The thin display and sleek designs of new televisions simply do not have the depth or structure to allow sound to carry, and a soundbar is a great solution for maintaining an equally balanced, advanced entertainment experience.

Leaders in the industry are also taking further steps to stay ahead by including an additional subwoofer in their home theater packages to deepen the impact of television sound. These two-piece sets like the HEOS HomeCinema offer a balance of powerful quality sound and sleek design all in the convenience technology has to offer.


Wireless Streaming Capabilities

Another big trend dominating the industry is wireless streaming – and soundbars often come packed with the ability to do just that.

Adding to the ease of set-up and use, the ability to wirelessly control streaming through a speaker system creates a non-evasive lifestyle for its listeners. With the swipe of a smartphone or tablet, users can easily control sound, playback, music selection and more through these smart audio systems.


Select from favorite playlists, or adjust TV sound without having to shift to control on devise, or searching for a remote. It’s the era of apps, and many manufactures are taking full advantage of the trend.

Easy Installation

In today’s market of “need-it-now” and “quick-fixes”, setting up a soundbar is a snap compared to leading multi-speaker surround sound systems. The lack of multiple devices itself holds a distinct advantage, and most leading manufacturers have ensured the process is efficient and user-friendly. No service assistance required.

After purchase, consumers may simply un-package, plug in, and enjoy sound without hassle. Designed to fit neatly under the TV, there is also no thought or planning required in speaker placement – that has been predetermined by design.


Seamless Design

Blending seamlessly into home décor is another advantage of TV soundbar design, driving consumers to buy. Unlike many speakers, soundbars are built specifically to boost this generation of smart TV’s – hence the composition of the designs are crafted in a horizontal fashion that is made to fit under the TV screen without adding bulk or need for extra shelving.

Like the other half of a puzzle, these speakers are hardly distinguishable as a separate device from their HD TV counterparts.


So why listener’s #1 choice? With the latest advancements in sound technology, wireless streaming abilities and non-evasive design, the soundbar is built as a consumer-centric device constructed to meet the everyday needs of music and entertainment systems. The next evolution of sound with undeniable stats and a bright forecasted future, the soundbar in all its glory and features make it the shining star of the listener’s choice.